VeloRAM Updates

VeloRAM™ RAM Cache Software from EliteBytes™ Limited

Change History VeloRAM

July 9 2018

Changes in Version

Fixed the EB000009 error that showed up rarely .

Juni 6 2018

Changes in Version

The Driver is Digitally counter Signed by Microsoft.

Compatible with Windows 10 Client versions:1506, 1511, 1607 and RedStone 2,3,4

This has no impact on vintage Windows Client and Server Versions compatibility.

Bug fix for the EB000006 C000000D 203 Error message.

The inf file was corrected to the latest standars

March 20 2018

Summary Version

This Update: -Complies to highest security Standards ( Signed with Extended Verification Certificate and countersigned by Microsoft WHQL ) (Now Windows 10 Secure Boot Compatible !) -Was tested positiv on latest Windows 10 1709 build 16251 / Server 2016 -Updated the build environment to the Visual Studio 2015 Build tool chain.

November 28 2016

Summary Version

Compatibility with newest Windows 10 and Server 2016 verified.

Several minor issues fixed.

Lower I/O Latency, this means better performance wit version 3.0

Windows 10 build 1703 IntegrityCheck build option added.

Summary Version

Fixes 1 critical bug with Windows 10, please update to this version. Parts of the application were in english language only, they are now translated. So the international versions will look better.

September 1 2015

Summary Version

Several bug fixes. Performance and Reliability Surveillance added. Uses less RAM for administration, especially very big (up to 2 PB ).

earlier Versions:

Changes in Version

Thoroughly tested under Windows 10. Bug fixes in the Cache engine and in the Cache Wizard. General update to the evolving Code Base of MaxVeloSSD. This includes plenty of betterings.

Changes in Version

This version adds a chart control to the application. It allows precise visualization of IOPS/MBPS. Cache Hit/Miss and Data export in XML. Windows 10 Preview compatibility was added. On big fragmented Cache a CPU Hog/Honk was removed ( Rare Condition) . Numerous Detail changes, please see the Change log for full reference. VeloRAM™ is based on the reliable and high-performance MaxVeloSSD Software. With the addition of unique fast RAM caching it opens the door to a new dimension of storage velocity. Breaking the bottlenecks of PCIe and SATA specifications it easily outperforms SSD speeds. VeloRAM is faster then VeloSSD and SSD. It is a caching System, with a level 1 cache made out of system memory ( RAM) . Version constitutes the first public release of this Software. Although very new, internally it is based on the source tree of VeloSSD and MaxVeloSSD making it 100% reliable from the start on. Traditional Benchmarks report speeds far beyond expectations. Database Operations are accelerated very much when performing transactions in RAM. Generally all File System Operations benefit in terms of speed from this caching Software.Traditional BIOS, modern UEFI native boot and Windows 8/8.1/10 secure boot are full supported. This software supports now up to 2 Petabyte Host Volumes. It requires only little RAM to manage Caching of these high Capacities. Compared to earlier Versions of this product the RAM footprint was reduced by more than 95%.